Tea Packaging Design by Creative Banda

Ayushree Tea


Ayushree Tea  from Brahmputra Valley

I developed several brands and their packaging for FMCG products in India. This Ayushree Symphony and Ayushree Vedic Care 

concept conquered them all, reflecting on the deeply intimate feeling and gentle mindfulness you can experience
over a steamy cup of tea.

Your Ultimate Morning Rituals

The mighty Brahmaputra emerges high from the Himalayas before flowing through the scenic Assam Valley. Low altitude, rich loamy soil, ample rainfall, and a tropical climate together allow the valley to produce some of the best quality Tea Leaves in the world.
Ayushree Symphony crafted with rich aromatic golden tipped tea leaves, giving rich sparkling brownish golden textured when infused with hot water. The brew is great for kicking away lethargy in the morning. Excellent for maintaining Heart & Brain health too.
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Visual Identity

I created this heart-to-heart feeling with premium colours, a touch of gold and embroidery illustrations. Every tea blend got a different colour and style so you can easily find the one that suits your mood the best.
Ayushree Tea Packaging inspires me a lot.
Passionately  made for real tea lovers
Tea Packaging Design by Creative Banda

Vedic Care

The elixir of pure refreshment

Imagine waking up in a paradise filled with lush & green tea garden bringing your fresh cup of this strong, bold, brisk, malty Flavoured Golden Beverage.
Ayushree Seven Vedic Care is made with handpicked long aromatic tea leaves that complement well with Indian major herbs like Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Clove, Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon & Mulethi not just makes it a quintessential drink that starts our day but also helps us to gain immunity against seasonal flu & other airborne diseases.

Pooja Rohilla
Pooja Rohilla
Tantra Optimedia
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Rohan is real gem, he knows exactly what to deliver! Didn't waste my time to explain again and again thinks unlike other designers, Pleasure working with him, He is Creative, with deep understanding of Concept, Sometime delayed things with his busy schedule, but when you get the final view you just go with a wow!!! Have Patience good things always take time. Keep growing Good luck!!!!

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