Branding & Identity Design

Branding Identity Design

Your Friendly Grocer… is a multi vendor multi category ecommerce platform. working towards self sustainable ecosystem for local production and assembly line .’s services streamline the entire return process for retailers. They allow retailers to outsource a large part of their business, empowering the retailer to concentrate on their core competencies and not get distracted with activities that add little value. will reduce capital expenditures of a company that uses our services, increase customer service of the retailer, increase sales opportunities, increase revenues, and improve inventory management. Customers will benefit by having a convenient, easy way to return their purchases as well as the ability to track their returns. Get ready for a great Shopping experience.

Baziger is working towards self-sustainable local products manufacturing and promoting in India and to participate in vision 5 trillion-dollar economy country . baziger gives local msme and grah Udyog a platform to showcase and sell their products online. baziger wants to achieve a major ecommerce platform status.

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