Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging
Bees and Bites.
Bees and Bites is a collection of India’s finest honey, curated from all corners of the Indian farms and bottled in Premium Glass. Producing pure unprocessed Organic raw honey. Bees and Bites are sourced from both trusted beekeepers & natural occurring beehives in dense forest areas too. Parent company Livasa & Limra Honey.
From humble beginnings in 1998, and now with over 2 decades of perfecting our beekeeping craft, Bees and Bites was founded on the vision of sharing the power of nature with the world. As beekeepers, we work with the planet’s most diligent creatures to sustain the environment and ecosystem.

Natural, pure superfoods consist of natural, raw ingredients like Honey. It forms form the basis for the Bees & Bites brand promise: feel good, naturally. Right down to the smallest detail—the choice of certified materials and production methods also emphasizes the mindset of the brand.

About Project

Bees and Bites is a Honey with a Premium Quality touch.  Business finds that the quality of the product has it’s own potential to enlarge itself in the health market.

The initial challenge and goal were to set up a premium honey product that looks premium with India’s richest flavours of honey. The company was pretty confident about their product and Quality. Now it’s all on me to give their brand a Face and Look which customers love to opt-in from the stores. I was asked to make the product giftable, widely used to give as a gift as well as for daily use too. Things I was advised not to forget that touch of Indian roots.


Business asked me to create a Brand Identity & Packaging of Bees and Bites. They heard about Creative Banda previously. Objective and Expectation was, they need a Logo that can be easily remembered and represent their business as well. They want to give their product a premium look and make people gift as a present.

Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging


I have created a combination mark logo of Pictorial and WordMark. The Logo is easy to remember and represents the business as well. To remember the name, I have added the name as a wordmark inside the Pictorial, so that people not only see the icon, they read the name as well. In the initial stage, it is very important to make remember and memorize the Brand.
Once the Logo was done, we have to work on stationary and initial brand assets. After that, we hoped for the most exciting part of the project ‘Packaging’.
I used Mandala traditional art in Lable to give it a colorful and Indian Tradition Look. Less information and more complex make it look Royal and Premium looking product. This properly managed information and balanced layout give it a Giftable item look, that everyone wants to use and gift on special occasions.

The logo is the face of any brand, it is important like having the face of a baby. You can’t remember any person without his face as well you can’t remember any business or product without their Logo. Having a suitable Identity design system for any brand is like an outfit for any person. People look good when they dressed well, same for the businesses, it looks well when you see any business which is presented well graphically. Having a matching dress with a matching theme and color makes look anyone standard and others recognize that the person has a decent dressing sense, same for the business, having good color palette, typography, and pairings with decent elements make it very static and formalized.

Grid & Construction

The Logo of Bees & Bites is a combination of Bee Hive, Bees, Leaf (Stands for Tree Hanging), & Honey. Perfectly Measured and created with the Help of Circles and Lines.

Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging
Bee Hive + Honey Bees + Leaf+ Honey Drop

Color Palletes & Uses


Accent & Highlights




Pointers & Icons

Stationary & Prints

Packaging is one of the most interesting and exciting parts of the whole project. This packaging idea and colorful mandala approach give the product life. Each flavor has its own color combination according to its ingredients. It’s really blessed by nature that we have natural flavors in honey, you don’t need to add food chemicals. It’s all raw. I tried my best to keep the brand position and differentiate the product by flavors.


If ever you’ve studied spiritual Asian art, you’ve likely encountered a mandala. A mandala, which is Sanskrit for “circle” or “discoid object,” is a geometric design that holds a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging
Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging
Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging
Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging
Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging
Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging
Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging
Pooja Rohilla
Pooja Rohilla
Tantra Optimedia
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Rohan is real gem, he knows exactly what to deliver! Didn't waste my time to explain again and again thinks unlike other designers, Pleasure working with him, He is Creative, with deep understanding of Concept, Sometime delayed things with his busy schedule, but when you get the final view you just go with a wow!!! Have Patience good things always take time. Keep growing Good luck!!!!

After taking these brave steps in branding, We were really satisfied with the results. We’ve also done an initial survey of customers about the rocket launch of the product, and responses were above than expected. Customers are in love with the taste as we know, but they showed more love to packaging & its premium look this time.

Shocking was most of them pre-ordered and two giant vendors ordered a dream quantity of products. 

I wish a very bright and immersive future of Bees and Bites:)

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