Rumble Grande Wine

Premium Wine Label Design

Rumble Grande Winery is a Milan-based craft wine brand hell-bent on producing high-quality wine for local bars, and now, launching their own beer lines.

Moronz Healthy Homes

Cleaning Products Packaging Design

Moronz is a home cleaning products company based in Haryana. Moronz sole motto is to ensure the hygiene, all the products and variants ensures the quality hygie

Milk India

Milk India is a Banglore, India-based raw milk company, run by Shilpi Sinha (Founder). The company provides fresh & pure cow milk, unpasteurized, unflavoured…

Bunch and Bites

Bunch and Bites is ready to eat snacks savourites are made using high quality multi-grains sucha as Rice, Koddar millet, corns, Grams and Amaranth, that make it

Naiera Sanitary Pads

Naiera Packaging Design by Creative Banda

Naiera is the first Indian brand to offer organic, velvety soft sanitary napkins in the country made with 100% cotton. Exuberance Total Comfort
These Skin-Frien

Nippy Nuts

Nippy Nuts Logo and Packaging

Nippy Nuts | Logo and Packaging – This series of packaging is designed for a Nippy Nuts, nut brand that is authentic, honest and all-natural. The intention is..

Ayushree Tea

Tea Packaging Design by Creative Banda

I developed several brands and their packaging for FMCG products in India. This Ayushree Symphony and Ayushree Vedic Care
concept conquered them all, reflecting on the deeply intimate feeling and gentle mindfulness you can experience
over a steamy cup of tea.

Malibu Pure Shots

Identity revamping for the Malibu pure shots product range by Creativebanda. This line of products, aimed specifically for health, is used to prepare pure juices from real fresh fruits. This particularity inspired the new packaging line, where the fruits seem to literally leap for the blender. While the intention was to easily recognize the flavors in a context of fast usage, this colorful and distinctive solution instantly pleased.

Bees and Bites

Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging

Bees and Bites.Bees and Bites is a collection of India’s finest honey, curated from all corners of the Indian farms and bottled in Premium Glass. Producing pure unprocessed Organic raw honey. Bees and Bites are sourced from both trusted beekeepers & natural occurring beehives in dense forest areas too. Parent company Livasa & Limra Honey. […]