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Raw & Fresh Malibu Pure Shots

Identity revamping for the Malibu pure shots product range by Creativebanda. This line of products, aimed specifically for health, is used to prepare pure juices from real fresh fruits. This particularity inspired the new packaging line, where the fruits seem to literally leap for the blender. While the intention was to easily recognize the flavours in a context of fast usage, this colourful and distinctive solution instantly pleased me.

“Time to have shots with Nature”

Malibu Juice Bottle Packaging by Creative Banda
Malibu Juice Bottle Packaging by Creative Banda

Regaining category leadership

This clean, modern bottle design speaks to changing consumer trends. Research results showed that nearly 70 per cent of consumers were able to find the new bottles on the shelf more easily, and the new designs increased purchase intent by almost 50 per cent.

Mohammad Azhar, Owner of Malibu Pure concept, said, “Pure shots is one of the most recognizable brands in our locality and our bottles are an immunity booster of most people’s breakfast tables. By marrying the best in design with the best juices, we’re confident our new packaging will be a real showstopper on supermarket shelves.”

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