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At first glance, the packaging appears simple and clear. A mix of a splash, in line and typographic logo, is used for a handcrafted, small farm quality feel. The graphics look as little as possible in a way that they help “Milk” to be the hero. Milk India may look pure and simple, but it’s full of undercover surprises. Everything is revealed gradually sip after sip, glass after glass.

I made a decision not to overload the visual concept by unnecessary details that could be avoided but rather stick to a less conventional approach by taking more moderate and minimal style as a basis

Beginning with delivering their glass bottle to about 21 families in the back of the car, Milk India service is now spread across 800 families in several parts of Bangalore till date.

“Everyday Wonder bites, With Goodness of Inside”

Less is More

The custom font is one of the best ways to show uniqueness and different from other with a different typeface.

Used Focused Type Logo, because in new show off people will recognize the name so it should be easy to ready and remember through its minor unique details.

It’s very Important for every successful logo to keep simplicity with having deep meaning with creativity.

The strongest logos tell simple stories

Shilpi Sinha

27-year-old woman entrepreneur’s dairy startup is delivering pure and unadulterated milk.

Bangalore’s most nutritious milk for children, from India’s 1st dairy specifically opened for children.

Milk Packaging Design
Shilpi Sinha
Shilpi Sinha
Milk India
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I am so grateful to Rohan @ Creativebanda for his contribution in making my brand look insanely beautiful and different from its competitors. Rohan is damn professional when it comes to meeting deadlines. He will give you a set of questionnaire about your brand which shows his great style of working and his passion towards his every creations. He is not just a desinger, I have always told him that he is a creator who brings our imaginations into reality. I m at short of words to describe his talent. You won’t be able to like anyones less work after your interaction with him.

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