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Brand Strategy

“The essence of the strategy is choosing, what not to do”

Great brands are born when you ask the right questions. Every project begins with laying the groundwork for your brand. Through multiple group sessions, you will clarify your audience, align your team to its purpose, and formulate a solid brand vision that accentuates your core values and identifies your brand truths. Together, we’ll unearth your unique strengths and establish the brand personality, so you have a clear direction to move forward.

If you reduce the possibilities of taking wrong steps, you eventually do right.

The Brand Identitiy

An all-encompassing visual identity is your ticket to attracting the right customers and separating your business from your competition. My logo designs are paired with color palettes, fonts, and additional brand elements that collectively make up your brand’s entire look and feel. These assets are designed to work seamlessly across all platforms and customer touch-points, so you can communicate to your dream customers without saying a word.

Milk Packaging Design

The Product Design

Together we make sure your product stands out in the market after wearing the brand identity elements touches. A Packaging design along with a great product presentation made with better technology always attracts new customers’ attention. Consumers tend to transfer their judgment of the packaging, to the quality of the product. 

The Website

Your website is your business for the front; it represents the external attitude of your eCommerce store. Hence, it must demand great quality. A quality website should first be three things — professional, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. We use the best technology in the market to develop your dream eStore. I teach and train you to manage everything by yourself and have an eye on what’s going on.

Bees and Bites Honey Branding & Packaging

Launching & Mentoring

During and after launch we make sure everything you need to implement your newly refined brand. With a set of versatile assets, clear rules, and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have the tools to create seamless marketing strategies that will attract potential clients and gain you loyal fans. Whether you have your in-house design team or not I will be there for you on one call away.

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